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Luís Fernandes, Pedro Carvalho and Luís Guardão

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"I remember a few years ago a research colleague of mine saying with some indignation that the authors of scientific papers should receive royalties when they transfer copyrights to the publishers. The rationale behind it was simple...", Alípio Jorge

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"There are features that unite us, both Portuguese and Brazilian, and that are bigger than the language. And those are apparent in our way of being and in the way we live, in the refusal to live regulatory shapes and procedures that castrate the spontaneous.", José Celso Freire Júnior

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Seca is kind of a cool guy and he tucked his meal in his comforted stomach, but one thing he brought for sure from the Azores: the certainty that some people are cooler than him...

Jobs 4 the Boys & Girls

In this section, the reader may find reference to public announcements made by INESC Porto offering grants, contracts and other opportunities of the same kind.


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 Imagem do Destaque

INESC Porto revolutionises security with collaborative surveillance robot

INESC Porto is part of a 1.2 million Euro consortium for the development of the first ‘intelligent’ surveillance robot – the ROBVIGIL. A pioneer project in the world, this robot is characterised by mobility, autonomy and by its ability to cooperate with other robots and security operationals through tele and videoconference, thus working as a support to human activity. Gifted with sensors, the robot is also capable of assuring tasks that are potentially dangerous for humans, thus setting itself apart from the solutions currently available on the market. The ROBVIGIL project has a two-year duration and the first experimental units will be on the market in 2012.   Mais...


Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of INESC in Porto


BIP is associating to the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of INESC in the city of Porto. As such, the “Special” section will, over the next months, visit each R&D Unit and group integrating the institute. More than “looking to the past”, the intention is to allow people to know INESC Porto LA’s current moment, the year in which INESC celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Porto, as well as the new goals and challenges that the next quarter of a century will bring.  Mais...


The pleasure of the 10 million


10 million Euros: if we didn’t have a right hemisphere of a brain, would we smile this much, and with such satisfaction?  Mais...