INESC Porto works with Telefónica to test surveillance services and assistance for senior citizens

César Toscano, Pedro Almeida, Filipe Joel Soares and Ângelo Martins

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"Here, the focus is on the quality of the analysis, rather than on the institute’s bottom line. (...) I am excited to be part of such an institution, where good work, problem solving, research and innovation are highly valued", Kristen Schell

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"My favourite part of Porto is the famous francesinha, a dish I like to describe to my friends at home as the “soggy sandwich”, it is something that I will certainly try to introduce back in the UK. But above all I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere here in Portugal...", Jessica Dossena

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As a prestigious and reputable institution INESC Porto likes to live life at the top. Therefore, the opening of the exhibition "Economic valorisation of the results of R&D projects: Success stories” was made available via live broadcast.

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In this section, the reader may find reference to public announcements made by INESC Porto offering grants, contracts and other opportunities of the same kind.


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Computer Science gives Darwinism a big push

Researchers from the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (IBMC) and The Center for Research in Advanced Computer Systems (CRACS) of INESC Porto Associated Laboratory (LA) have joined forces to make history in the evolution of the Theory of Natural Selection. For the first time, the genome of an animal has been sequenced by a team of Portuguese researchers.   Mais...


Special LIAAD INESC Porto LA


The BIP is associated with the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of INESC Porto in the city of Porto. As such, over the following months the “Special” section will visit each R&D Unit and group within the institute. Not just “looking to the past”, the idea is to allow people to get to know INESC Porto LA as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Porto, as well as getting to know the new goals and challenges that the next quarter of a century will bring.   Mais...




In the vertigo of anniversary celebrations, BIP’s tenth seems a lot smaller. But it is just to highlight the composed and notable work performed by this bulletin. In November the bulletin completed 10 years of uninterrupted circulation of what could be the most irreverent series published by a well-known scientific organisation.   Mais...