Ademar Aguiar, Bernardo Silva and Pedro Ribeiro

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In this section, the reader may find reference to public announcements made by INESC Porto offering grants, contracts and other opportunities of the same kind.


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Every month, this section will honour a collaborator for an exceptional contribution in his/her area of activity. BIP’s Editors will have the final choice. However, the cooperation of every Unit Coordinator is precious since they will be the ones suggesting which collaborator should be distinguished...


Ademar Aguiar - May

I would like to nominate Ademar Aguiar for the limelight in April due to his nomination for Vice-President of the Hillside Group.

Ademar Aguiar has worked closely with this organisation for several years and his area of expertise is aligned with the organisation’s research. Ademar has participated in various conferences organised by the Hillside Group, presenting articles, tutorials and taking on a lead role in the organisation of parallel sessions and events. We can highlight the PLoP 2007 in Monticello (USA), where he was the Conference Chair and the PLoP 2009 in Nashville (USA), when he was the Program Chair.

This nomination is clearly a result of a strategic direction and his continuous efforts in the development of science that have now been publicly recognised. I would therefore like to underline this work and the result.


Bernardo silva - JUNE

USE would like to nominate Bernardo Silva, a FCT grant holder in the MIT-Portugal programme, to be put in the limelight for May.

He is studying for a PhD and is involved in the European Project, Twenties. However, due to his competencies in modelling and simulation, he has also been participating in the REN-FACTS Project (contract with REN) and in the integration studies in Cape Verde (contract with Gesto).

Working on both of these projects in May required exceptional dedication in terms of the volume of work and also the technical demands that he was able to meet, and thus obtain high quality results.


pedro ribeiro - JUly

The Manufacturing Industries Performance Evaluation Toolkit (MIBPET) is a NSRF Project
that USEP is taking part in. This is very innovative and demanding in terms of the software solutions adopted. The project will conclude in July and has already shown results that we can highlight.  

As the person responsible for the design and development of a solution, Pedro Ribeiro has shown an exceptional attitude and consistency in producing innovative and high quality results. His team sees him as an excellent member of the team and he not only develops activities but he actively participates in finding innovative solutions for the many challenges that the project presents and that was a determining factor for the results achieved.