Ademar Aguiar, Bernardo Silva and Pedro Ribeiro

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"These young learners with scientific hopes, our future representatives, want to immerse themselves in the origins of science to investigate the infinite number of possibilities of applying this knowledge to reality.", Raquel Pestana

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"I accepted the invitation to voice my reasoning, or lack of, on the growth of INESC Porto. The title of this article reveals my feelings straight away in relation to this growth...", Graça Barbosa

Gallery of the Uncommon

We thought we had seen it all, but drinking water with a fork - it could only be the Power Systems Unit.

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In this section, the reader may find reference to public announcements made by INESC Porto offering grants, contracts and other opportunities of the same kind.


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Gallery of the Uncommon

Liquid gastronomy

INESC Porto is a world of creativity. This gallery can pride itself on having interruptedly featured in over 116 editions, the most ludicrous events, the most unexpected attitudes and the most surprising cases that we report with monthly enthusiasm.

There was the case of the collaborator who was pregnant, but according to her work medical, she was “overweight” (she was fat, ok). Then there was the letter from Japan addressed to INESC Morte (INESC Death) that the Postal Services eagerly handed over to us. And then there was the individual that, knowing that we develop projects for the footwear industry, telephoned us to ask for some special shoes for bunions. Then there was the state General Secretariat for Youth who formally responded to an email that we sent with a printed notice instructing us to re-send the email to another email address. Then there was the case of the invoice for a patent for 0 Euros that threatened us with an interest rate of 50% if we did not pay… 

We thought we had seen it all, but drinking water with a fork - it could only be the Power Systems Unit. Why bother with words, a photo is worth a thousand.

So, when they offer you a fork full of water, don’t be surprised, be original, ask if you can drink it with chopsticks.