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INESC Porto director welcomed in Chile

The director of INESC Porto, Vladimiro Miranda, was invited by the MP Alberto Robles to visit Chile from 13th to 17th June as part of a mission to build links between the two countries. The director was accompanied by the Latin American advisor Alexandre Rocco and the Coordinator of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS), Eduardo Silva. 

Vladimiro Miranda was received by the Presidents of the Senate, the Parliamentary Council, the Minister of Mining and Energy and the Environment Minster. They were then accompanied by the MP, Robles, in the city of Valparaíso where they were greeted by the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies who interrupted the session to recognise their presence. The director then presented testimonials at the Environment and Mining Parliamentary Commissions and the main questions from the MP’s revolved around integrating renewable energy, and wind power in particular, into the electricity grid. Portugal is internationally recognised in this area and they showed great interest in the Portuguese solutions developed, due to the similarities between the two counties.

Vladimiro Miranda was also received by the Governor of the Atacama region in the city of Copiapó and assisted by the Regional Secretaries and they addressed topics, such as possible projects in robotics and renewable energy for the mining industry and for the region.

In Santiago they also took part in meetings with the renewable energy office at the Ministry of Energy, with the CONICYT (a Foundation for Science and Technology) and with CORFO (a body that supports innovation). The INESC Porto spin-off Tecla Colorida is currently opening a branch in Chile with the help of the StartUp Chile programme coordinated by CORFO.

The director of INESC Porto was also received by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor and other professors from the University of Chile and Atacama. In Santiago, the University of Chile organised a session on 13th in the afternoon that focused on presentations on renewable energy in Chile where they debated the possibility of cooperating with INESC TEC in the areas of wind power and robotics.

Photo: Flickr