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INESC Porto develops Application for the Android

Palco Mobile is the name of the application developed by INESC Porto for the Android for the Palco Principal portal. This portal is for artists, those who like to listen to music and professionals in the world of music. The application is part of project Palco 3.0.

Carlos Almeida is a researcher at INESC Porto and the project coordinator. This application allows artists and music listeners that are registered on Palco Principal to listen to their favourite music, access artist’s and listener’s profiles, look at photos and listen to recommended tracks, as well as being able to read and send messages and approve comments.
Palco Mobile is currently in the beta testing phase and application users will help identify possible bugs. It is available for download at: Those interested in testing Palco Mobile must have a smartphone with a 2.1 Android operating system. To test the application you must register on the Palco Principal portal.

Palco 3.0 is an R&D project co-funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) in collaboration with INESC Porto LA through the Information and Computer Graphic Systems Unit (USIG), the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit (UTM), the Center for Research in Advanced Computer Systems (CRACS), the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD) and the Faculties of Engineering, Science and Economics of the University of Porto.

Palco Principal was produced by the UBBIN Labs Lda. company and it is the largest and most important Portuguese social network for music.

For more information see:

To install the application follow these instructions:

Select Unknown Sources in Settings > Applications (to make it possible to install applications that are not from the Market), select download using the link above and save the file on the memory card. Once downloaded you can install the application. If it does not work use File Manager (e.g. Astro File Manager) and run the file, palcomobile.apk.

Send anomalies and suggestions to: