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Fibersensing distinguished by COTEC Portugal

Fibersensing, a spin-off company from INESC Porto, was distinguished with an Honourable Mention for the Cotec-Unicer Product Innovation Award, attributed by COTEC, at the 8th National Meeting on Innovation that took place on 28th June at Culturgest.

The assigned Honourable Mention recognises the product submitted by Fibersensing, the WindMETER system, which consists of an innovative solution for monitoring the blades of wind generators. Using fibre optics, this system makes it possible to assess the generator’s structural condition and dynamically control the angle of the turbine, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing production capacity. WindMETER is especially suited to monitoring remote high powered generators, such as off-shore wind turbines. 

Under the topic “Outsourcing Innovation - Collaborative Innovation Networks”, the event welcomed Peter Gloor as guest speaker. He is a Professor and Research Scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The President of the Portuguese Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, led the closing session for the event.

This annual event is held by COTEC - Associação Empresarial para a Inovação, a nonprofit association which promotes business innovation and competitiveness in companies established in Portugal.