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"I never imagined that at the institute (INESC TEC) I would have the opportunity to get to know and talk to the people whose articles I had read and admired...", Paola Soto Rojas (UESP)

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"My story in Portugal begins on a sunny day in February 2011. I can still remember the last moments of that freaky flight from Tehran (Iran) to Lisbon. When the plane landed, I had no idea of what was awaiting me." Samaneh Khoshrou (UTM)

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It was in INESC TEC’s canteen that an impressive fire would reveal a well hidden secret. Eye witnesses reveal an incredible story: a super hero, whose identity remains hidden (or is it?)...

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In this section, the reader may find reference to public announcements made by INESC Porto offering grants, contracts and other opportunities of the same kind.

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Alberto Pinto named chief editor of the Journal of Dynamics and Games

Alberto Pinto from LIAAD/INESC TEC has been named chief editor of the Journal of Dynamics and Games (JDG) by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

The researcher will run the journal in partnership with Michael Benain. The journal is dedicated to applied mathematics and publishes high quality articles on Dynamic System interfaces and Game Theory.

The journal addresses the development and diffusion of ideas and mathematical techniques that result from the analysis and modelling of systems where the agents interact in a dynamic way over time. The JDG covers topics, such as dynamic stochastic games and learning and evolution models.