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"I never imagined that at the institute (INESC TEC) I would have the opportunity to get to know and talk to the people whose articles I had read and admired...", Paola Soto Rojas (UESP)

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"My story in Portugal begins on a sunny day in February 2011. I can still remember the last moments of that freaky flight from Tehran (Iran) to Lisbon. When the plane landed, I had no idea of what was awaiting me." Samaneh Khoshrou (UTM)

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It was in INESC TEC’s canteen that an impressive fire would reveal a well hidden secret. Eye witnesses reveal an incredible story: a super hero, whose identity remains hidden (or is it?)...

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INESC TEC Article is a Success in International Journal

The article “Operations research in healthcare: a survey” had the highest number of views in 2011 in the international journal “International Transactions in Operational Research”.

Ana Viana, one of the authors of this article, is a researcher at the Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit (UESP) at INESC TEC and Abdur Rais, the other author, is an ex-researcher at the same unit. The article had more than double the number of views than the article in second place. The success of “Operations research in healthcare: a survey” led to it being highlighted in the Wiley-Blackwell annual report, the editor of the prestigious international journal indexed in the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

“Operations research in healthcare: a survey” presents a survey of the problems in healthcare that have been studied using operational research techniques.  The main objective of this survey was for the authors to detect potential research areas that have not yet been explored.

One of the areas detected in the article led to project KEP- New models for enhancing the kidney transplantation process that began in April 2011 and will end in April 2012. The aim of the project is to research and develop new methods to facilitate the decision-making process and improve decisions associated with kidney transplants with live donors.

Ana Viana works as both an INESC TEC researcher and a professor at the Higher Education Engineering Institute in Porto (ISEP). Abdur Rais worked with INESC TEC as part of the Associate Laboratory.