INESC TEC, in the words of our partners – Statement by Nuno Silva, Director for Technology Management at EFACEC.


Arian Pasquali (LIAAD), João Silva (CSIG), José Ricardo Andrade (CPES), Leonel Carvalho (CPES), Paulo Ferreira (SAAF), Filipe Borges Teixeira (CTM), Kelwin Fernandes (CTM)

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"I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York”. As if being a woman wasn’t enough already, I was also a marine biologist." Ana Paula Lima (CRAS)

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Every month, this section will honour a collaborator for an exceptional contribution in his/her area of activity. BIP’s Editors will have the final choice. However, the cooperation of every Centre Coordinator is precious since they will be the ones suggesting which collaborator should be distinguished.



“Arian is a tirelessly curious researcher, focused on the fascinating subject of the automatic understanding of text. His constant availability to collaborate in projects with several colleagues makes him a central figure of LIAAD. He is an intense and resourceful programmer and data scientist. To add to that, he shows an aesthetic sense that is highlighted in the results he presents as well as a joy and a way of living that influence everyone.” 

João Silva

João Silva, csig

“I would like to point out the work developed by João Rocha da Silva, presently a grantee in the TAIL project. In addition to a remarkable PhD work, João has produced during his PhD (and continues to) a very original platform (Dendro) that is being used in describing research data. João combines scientific accuracy, strong work capacity and a very motivational presence at InfoLab. He is a unique element and I can only compliment him.” 

José ricardo andrade


“José Ricardo has been developing with great autonomy a high quality work in the CORAL project and has been showing a great coordination ability in the European project InteGrid and in a R&D contract with EFACEC. In April, this activity was particularly relevant. The quality of the work developed in CORAL was acknowledged by having a paper accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, which originated from the work developed during his short time at INESC TEC.”

leonel carvalho


“Leonel has been participating in several projects with great dedication and quality of results. In May, his participation in the eeseiM project (study of the expansion of the electricity generation system in Madeira) ended, with the development of a multi-criteria optimization model to generate new investment solutions in producing electricity, a model that he implemented and tested, in cooperation with the other partners of the project. This involved a large amount of work in a limited period of time, with excellent results, at a time when he was also responsible for the operation of the MORA project (with REN) and participating in other smaller (but valuable) projects.”  

paulo ferreira


“Paulo is a grantee since June 2016 and although he is a very junior element in the team, he took over the connection with the researchers in the process of submitting applications, showing a remarkable level of maturity, commitment and dedication. He developed and provided materials that helped organize the information necessary for submitting applications, promoted clarification sessions with the researchers (in addition to the usual – and many – clarifications by email and telephone), and answered questions related to the FCT and Balcão 2020, showing a high level of professionalism and dedication. This year’s application process implied new challenges and difficulties when compared to previous years. For these reasons, I think that his performance deserves a special highlight this month.” 

Filipe Borges Teixeira


“CTM’s Coordination team proposes for this Limelight the researcher Filipe Borges Teixeira. This nomination is based on the excellent work developed by Filipe in the organisation of the Wireless Days 2017 international conference and the ns-3 workshop, particularly in what concerns the activities of planning and local organisation. The level of excellency in his work contributed to the international visibility of INESC TEC, the strengthening of INESC TEC as a relevant partner in the areas of wireless communication networks and the solidification and creation of new international partnerships that will bring new collaboration opportunities.” 

Kelwin Fernandes


“CTM’s Coordination team proposes for this Limelight researcher Kelwin Fernandes, for winning the silver medal in the international competition of cervical cancer screening, promoted by Intel and MobileODT in Kaggle, a website devoted to science data and competitions. The work presented by Kelwin results directly from his PhD’s works, confirming the relevance of his PhD. During July, Kelwin played a relevant part in preparing the proposal of new projects to FCT and in supporting young researchers in CTM.”