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INESC TEC promotes synergies with the Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources

The Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (CRAS) of INESC TEC promoted a partnership with the Cluster for Portugal Mineral Resources (ACPMR - Associação Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources), in a meeting that took place last January 16th. 

This visit to INESC TEC allowed the participants to get to know a series of marine technologies, developed and in development, and to keep track of CRAS’s potentialities and expertise in this framework. 

Besides CRAS’s team and this Cluster’s members, also attended Assimagra, University of Tás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, The National Energy and Geology Laboratory and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The meeting promoted a discussion about the different possibities for future projects in the areas of mineral resources, raw materials and mineral research/prospection along the continental platform, as well as several work instruments and financial sources. 

The purpose of this connection consists on allowing closer relationships between INESC TEC and the Portugal Mineral Resources Cluster, and between this two organisations and several universities, Public Administration institutions and companies. Thereby, INESC TEC intends to develop more skills in GeoSciences and Mineral Resources, working together with institutions of different research areas and adding the geotechnologies already in place to a more practical and real application in the area of Geological Engineering and GeoResources.

The Portugal Mineral Resources Cluster’s mission is to “promote knowledge and sustainable economic value of the mineral resources, boosting the sector’s export capability and increased value, either through deepening the knowledge of the economic potential of the resources, or by promoting I&DT+I, improving the investment conditions and accessing industries, and yet through expanding skills (technical, technological and managing) and cooperation between companies and institutions”.