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INESC TEC President in a Conference on Innovation at the Assembly of the Republic

José Manuel Mendonça, Chairman of INESC TEC's Board, was present in a conference entitled “Innovation and Knowledge”, promoted by the Ad Hoc Committee to monitor “Portugal 2030’s Strategy” Definition Process (CE PT 2030), which was held on 8 January at the Assembly of the Republic.

In the 3rd panel, dedicated to the theme of transfer of knowledge for creating economical, social and cultural value, José Manuel Mendonça presented INESC TEC and its scientific management and technology transfer models. After presenting some intervention cases of the institution with high economical and social impact, the exhibition ended with a number of recommendations about the role of the community funds in the science and innovation areas in Portugal.

The organisation of this conference is a response to the need for debating the definition of the new multiannual financial framework and the strategy for science, technology and innovation in Portugal. Besides the transfer of knowledge, other areas in consideration were the national and regional potential and the future need of infrastructures and equipments.

As a result of the presentations from specialists from the entrepreneurial and academic worlds, the President of the Assembly of the Republic and representatives of all the other parliamentary groups intervened.


The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with UP-FEUP.


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