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Conference on Industry in Castelo Branco had the participation of INESC TEC

“Regional Helix Summit” is the name of the conference on Industry, Technology and Innovation that took place between 17 and 18 January at CEi – Center for Innovative Companies, in Castelo Branco.

INESC TEC was represented in this event at two different times of the first day. In the designated Round Table number 1 subjected to the theme “Indústria 4.0: Novos Desafios para a Inovação e Digitalização da Economia” (in English “Industry 4.0: New Challenges for the Innovation and Digitalisation of the Economy”, Ana Barros, researcher of the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) had the opportunity to present the work that has been developed in Iman Norte Hub, the Digital Innovation Hub for Customer-Driven Manufacturing @ NORTE, in which INESC TEC acts as the coordinator together with PRODUTECH, UPTEC and the four technological centres of the northern region (CATIM, CITEVE, CTCP and CTCOR).

José Carlos Caldeira, member of INESC TEC’s Board, was the moderator of the Round Table number 3, entitled “Cooperação Internacional e Interclusterização – Oportunidades para a indústria” (in English “International Cooperation and Interclustering – Opportunities for the industry”, which was attended by several international entities that had ideas and suggestions for the future of the industry.

This conference took place under the European Commission’s initiative known as “EU Industry Week”, which is kind of a label that is given to events that are locally organised, in a certain period of time, in the areas of industry, sustainability, globalisation, innovation and digitalisation. 


The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC.

Photo credits: City Council of Castelo Branco