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New INESC TEC publication on Supporting Tools for Development

Ricardo Queirós, collaborator of INESC TEC’s Centre for Research in Advanced Computing Systems (CRACS) published a new book entitled "Code Generation, Analysis Tools, and Testing for Quality".

Despite the advances that have been made in programming, there is still a lack of methods for quality control. Although there are code standards that “force” programmers to follow a specific set of rules, there are few tools that can assess and work on the automatic development of that code.

This book, which was co-edited with Alberto Simões (IPCA) and Mário Teixeira Pinto (P. Porto) and edited in January 2019 by IGI Global, intends to analyse the generation and writing of computer programming and quality control methods. This book, which focuses on topics such as programming languages, quality assessment and automated development, was designed for academics, practitioners, computer science teachers, programmers , and researchers.

Ricardo Queirós completed his PhD in Computer Science and besides being a professor, he is also a researcher in the areas of e-learning interoperability and in the learning of programming languages. Queirós is an author of five books on the development of Android and of about 100 scientific publications on education in Computer Science.


The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with P.Porto-ESMAD.