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"To quote an article that I’ve recently read: “Good people don’t just work for a salary. They want to contribute for the success.", Ana Rebelo (CTM)

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Just because someone buys meat in a butcher's shop doesn't mean it is free of biogenic amines. And remember... when asking for minced meat make sure you watch them doing it!, Luís Coelho (CAP)

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In an R&D institution related to technologies (..) it’s rare for anyone to infect their computer by opening a link they shouldn't have, but this email that we'll be talking about, almost deceived us.

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Paper written by INESC TEC's researchers was awarded in Czech Republic

The paper entitled “Industrial IoT integrated with simulation – A digital twin approach to support real-time decision making”, written by Romão Santos and João Basto, researchers of INESC TEC’s Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE), alongside Américo Azevedo, also Coordinator of CESE, was awarded the Best Track Paper Award in the 3rd edition of the European International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), which was held between 23 and 26 July in Pilsen, in Czech Republic.

This paper, which was written under the FASTEN project that intends to develop an IoT pilot for manufacturing systems, explores the possibility of existing a fully integrated system, composed of a simulator and an IoT platform, capable of gathering data in real time and producing performance indicators capable of helping in the decision making process.

It should be noted that this paper was written in co-authorship with Symone Alcalá from the Federal University of Goiás, and Enzo Frazzon from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, both from Brazil.

On 25 July, IEOM 2019 was organised by IEOM Society International and the award ceremony was held during the Conference Dinner Award at the Park Hotel Congress Center, in Pilsen, being attended by the authors of the paper.


The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC.