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Just because someone buys meat in a butcher's shop doesn't mean it is free of biogenic amines. And remember... when asking for minced meat make sure you watch them doing it!, Luís Coelho (CAP)

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In an R&D institution related to technologies (..) it’s rare for anyone to infect their computer by opening a link they shouldn't have, but this email that we'll be talking about, almost deceived us.

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INESC TEC debates personal data protection in research context

INESC TEC alongside the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto (ISPUP) inaugurated a set of Open Talks dedicated to the theme of personal data protection in R&D activities context. The 1st edition, which was focused on research in health sciences, took place on 11 July at INESC TEC’s premises.

The 1st Open Talk addressed some legal and ethical implications in the context of the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in terms of research in health sciences, having created an exchange of opinions and experiences in an open and public debate.

This edition, which was moderated by Vasco Dias, Data Protection Officer of INESC TEC and ISPUP, had the participation of three invited speakers, namely Carla Barbosa, from the Centre for Biomedical Law of FDUC and the ARS Centro's Ethics Committee, António Martins da Silva from ICBAS and Chairman of ISPUP's Ethics Committee, and Manuel Sobral Torres, Member of ISPUP's Ethics Committee.

“This initiative, which arose from the internal implementation plan of GDPR, is oriented towards researchers, whose awareness for these topics is crucial in a research institute. Not only in terms of the legal compliance of its activity, but also in the promotion of good research practices and scientific excellence”, says Vasco Dias.  

With an attendance of around 40 people, this event is scheduled to become regular by the middle of next year and aims at discussing the topic of personal data protection in research and application areas, namely in health sciences and biomedical engineering, data science and artificial intelligence, telecommunications and IoT, as well as cyber security and reliable systems.