Inês Teixeira, José Pedro Pinto, Luís Vilaça and Tiago Soares (CTM)

1 – How did INESC TEC came up on your career path?

Each of us entered INESC TEC at different stages, between 2009 and 2018, coming from other companies or by invitations from supervisors of Master’s theses and undergraduate projects. Since 2018, we are part of the projects FotoInMotion and CHIC, where we are responsible for the software development applied to Multimedia, focused on the management and analysis of audiovisual content. These projects have been a great challenge, not only helping us in terms of technical skills but also in the learning of soft skills that are invaluable to a successful teamwork.

2 – How has teamwork been impacting all of you?

The rigorous distribution of duties is essential so that the work process goes smoothly. We work together in the discussion of ideas, kicking-off the individual approach for each issue that we face. In our point of view, our strength comes from the receptivity to new challenges, the “outside the box” way of thinking for the development of creative and functional solutions and the fact that we help each other in order to overcome difficulties. However, this team spirit doesn’t prevent us from having our own professional attributes: Inês has the ability to arrange the ideas and to put her heart and soul into the challenges, presenting simple solutions to even the most difficult issues; Luís combines his contagious good mood to his perseverance and dedication, indulging himself in the resolution of the problems encountered; Tiago, with his greater experience gained over several projects at INESC TEC, helps us ensuring that we will always have objective ideas, always maintaining a critical, positive and realistic spirit; Zé Pedro devotes 100% of himself to work, helping others in every way he can so that in the end the best result possible can be achieved.

All in all, we are a team of people with very distinct professional paths and personality traits that, when integrated in a project, we were able to grow together and to form a balanced team, capable of successfully achieving our planned goals.

3 – Your nomination includes projects, events and other tasks. How do you successfully balance all that?

The variety of challenges that are posed to us really creates an extra motivation, even if sometimes there is a need for flexibility and dedication in order to successfully complete them. The main advantage of working as a team is the possibility to explore different areas together while also having the opportunity to deal with obstacles under different perspectives. And in those moments where we are overwhelmed by concerns (because those moments also exist…), this team spirit manages to keep us together in the distribution of tasks between the various elements, being able to answer all the demands in the best way possible.

4 – We will end this interview by asking you to comment on your nomination by the CTM Coordination:

“The coordination of CTM would like to nominate the team composed of researchers Inês Teixeira, José Pedro Pinto, Luís Vilaça and Tiago Soares for Limelight of February due to their outstanding amount of quality work, them being exemplary in terms of the responses to the requests put upon them, and for largely exceeding the expectations of what seemed to be possible while creating a team that we’re truly proud of coordinating. Their contributions were crucial for the success of the evaluation of the project H2020 FotoInMotion, as recognised by all partners and also by the external evaluation team, who highlighted “the very impressive work of INESC TEC”. Simultaneously, they were also able to address the challenges and to meet the deadlines of the mobilising project CHIC, in which several results were also presented in February. We would also like to emphasise the responsibilities assumed by the team at the same time of the preparation of the Open Day of CTM. For these three reasons, they were clearly in the limelight!”

Even though the projects in which we are currently involved are still in development stages, it is with great pride that we receive these words and that we see our work being recognised. Additionally, it is an extra motivation so that we can remain committed, following our path towards the professional, individual and collective success. Even though this team has been distinguished this month, it also depends on other “pillars” that ensure good results. All the coordination, dedication and the commitment of professors Paula Viana, Pedro Carvalho and Teresa Andrade have been unstoppable and outstanding, also making them be in the Limelight!


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