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Arian Pasquali (LIAAD), João Silva (CSIG), José Ricardo Andrade (CPES), Leonel Carvalho (CPES), Paulo Ferreira (SAAF), Filipe Borges Teixeira (CTM), Kelwin Fernandes (CTM)

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"I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York”. As if being a woman wasn’t enough already, I was also a marine biologist." Ana Paula Lima (CRAS)

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What should be the strategy for a small country? In particular, what should be Portugal’s strategy?

As a small country on a planet diminished by globalization, Portugal needs to nurture friendships and collaborations. In previous centuries, faraway empires had little direct and immediate impact across the world – presently, it is not even worth commenting on how the situation has reversed. A small country could be locally big, but today that country can only be globally small.

In international policy, friendships depend on interests. Big countries defend their interests whenever needed, even by force. Small countries, in order to survive, need to become useful, indispensable, interesting.

In the knowledge society, the “society” element is fundamental – in other words, human resources. Therefore, the most populous countries will gradually and naturally achieve prominence. So, are small ones doomed?

There is a balancing factor, the other element, “knowledge”.

Therefore, Portugal must base its strategy on a fundamental pillar: building and joining partnership and collaboration networks that can be consolidated into alliances. In addition, inside these alliances, it must be a useful, necessary and indispensable element, by having specialised or special differentiated knowledge – so that it can be more beneficial protecting this ally than crushing it. We must use on our behalf the principle known as the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Here is a strategic view and a plan of action for INESC TEC, and for the country: let us be the geese that others cherish.

Let knowledge and science make us known as the good Portugeese.