João Basílio, EDP Distribuição, Project Manager at the Automation and IoT, Unit of the Grid Digital Platform Management

Years when you began working at INESC TEC and when you left: 2016 to 2018.

INESC TEC Centre(s) with which the company collaborated: Centre for Power and Energy Systems

What have you been doing professionally since you left INESC TEC?
I left INESC TEC because I had the opportunity to work at EDP Distribuição in a department that was in line with my professional goals. Since November of 2018, I’m part of a small team that is responsible for innovation projects applied to the different voltage levels of the electricity grid. After a few months, I focused on low voltage, but not only that, because the most interesting part of my new position is the management of consultancy projects that are provided by INESC TEC. With this, I have the opportunity to work together with my former colleagues and coordinators.

How did your experience at INESC TEC contributed to your new professional history?
When I joined INESC TEC, I had a completely different view of what turned out to be the actual experience. At first, my idea of ​​being a researcher was writing articles and participating in European projects, but over time and with my attitude, my work focused more on consultancy projects, and thanks to my participation in consultancy projects provided to EDP Distribuição that the interest in taking a step forward at a professional level emerged. Without a doubt, my experience gained at INESC TEC and the networking created around the projects promoted my professional evolution. And obviously, other doors became “wide open”.

When you think about INESC TEC, what comes to your mind?
Challenges, friends, faculty and home.

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