Ana Rebelo (CTM)

“The CTM Coordination nominates the researcher Ana Rebelo for Limelight of July”. This nomination is based on the excellent contribution of Ana in the leadership of the team responsible for organising visum summer school (VISion Understanding and Machine intelligence summer school). Visum, which celebrates its 7th edition this year, has consolidated its position as an event of scientific reference, attracting a significant number of participants from both academia and industry. VISUM has been renewing itself, innovating its activities in every edition of the event, as well as continuing to promote the participation of international reference speakers in the computer vision and machine learning areas. For the centre, these events help to give visibility to the skills that we have in the area, to reinforce the image of excellence and the connections with industry and scientific partners. All of this is due to a group of people who has been working as a team in a brilliant way, always under the coordination of Ana.”


How did the opportunity of working at INESC TEC emerged?

With a thesis presented by Professor Jaime Cardoso to the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, which allowed me to carry out the final project of my Degree in 2007.

Working at INESC TEC with such a brilliant and human person like Professor Jaime Cardoso has been an incredible experience throughout these 12 years. It has allowed me to learn a lot and to grow at a scientific and personal level.

How is the daily routine at CTM?

Management of projects/activities, supervision of students and research.

The nomination highlights the role in the organisation of the VISUM Summer School. How was it to carry out this work?
Organising VISUM for seven years within the VCMI research group, which was created and supervised by Professor Jaime Cardoso, has been a privilege, a great pleasure and a big challenge. Both the scientific and personal skills that this group possess are incredible. I would like to highlight that VISUM is the result of teamwork and none of this would not be possible without the other colleagues. And as one of them pointed out, during this intense working week there has been a clear team building happening here.

To quote an article that I’ve recently read: “Good people don’t just work for a salary. They want to contribute for the success, they want to make the difference and to be recognised”. And I’m indeed very proud of VISUM teams! The professionalism of all of them has been overwhelming.

Bearing in mind the importance of the collaborations of the previous years, I would still like to highlight the one from this year. Sara Oliveira for her major effort in creating VISUM’s customised merchandising, for the excellent management of our social networks and for her valuable help in logistics. And the project team, coordinated by Diogo Pernes and composed of Eduardo Meca, João Pinto, Wilson Silva and Ricardo Araújo. Commitment and dedication are the best adjectives for the work that was developed. Thank you all.

Many thanks to CTM Coordination by allowing and supporting the organisation of this VISUM Summer School.

What are the plans for the future?

To continue as a researcher in the VCMI GROUP. And to continue in the organisation of this VISUM Summer School.


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