Rafael Arrais (CRIIS), Patrícia Vale (CPES) and José Nuno Oliveira (HASLab)

“We nominate Rafael Arrais for “The Incredibles” section for his excellent performance shown in several projects that are of the utmost importance for the centre, namely Scalable4.0, Fasten and HORSE. The highlight goes to his scientific and technical abilities, as well as his ability to develop a structural line of research for the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent System (CRIIS) with high integration with another INESC TEC’s centre, the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE). Finally, the great autonomy in project management, with particular focus on the performance in the management of INESC TEC’s participation in the HORSE project, where he had a relevant intervention in all the phases of the project – writing of the proposal, technical execution, financial execution, dissemination – with excellent results.”

Coordination of the Centre for Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems (CRIIS)


– Briefly describe how was your participation in the mentioned projects: Scalable4.0, Fasten, and HORSE.

My participation in the ScalABLE4.0 and FASTEN projects emerged as a result of the work developed on the STAMINA project within the scope of the vertical integration between robots and high level industrial management systems, in partnership between CRIIS and CESE.

In the ScalABLE4.0 project, I helped to develop the Open Scalable Production System (OSPS), an architecture reference and cross-sectional software framework for the digitalisation of the industrial production, which is the main target of my PhD that is currently being finalised. In the ScalABLE4.0 project, OSPS is being applied in two case studies for the automotive industry: in the Simoldes group and in the PSA Peugeot Citroën group.

In the FASTEN project, besides the application of the OSPS in two other case studies in Embraer Portugal and ThyssenKrupp Brazil, I am also responsible for coordinating the development of a mobile manipulator on the European side of the project.

As for the HORSE project, I coordinated INESC TEC’s participation in the FLEXCoating demonstrator, which developed a collaborative robotic cell for the painting and coating of large and complex metallic objects, with industrial application at FLUPOL.

– What other INESC TEC’s projects do you have on your horizon?

I will continue to develop the OSPS and support its use in industrial demonstrators in other INESC TEC’s projects (MANUFACTUR4.0, D4Manufacturing).

In parallel, I have also been coordinating the ROBIN project, a Focused Technical Project (FTP) inserted in an Open Call of the European project ROSIN, which aims at developing, improving and supporting a set of software modules that will facilitate bi-directional communications in an easy, rapid and secure way between robots and automation equipment.

I also participate in the SAFER project, which aims at increasing robot safety and reliability by applying a set of formal software analysis techniques in order to improve the quality of the source code developed in the robotics domain.

– How do you comment this nomination?

I would like to thank this nomination and all the professional opportunities given by the coordination of the centre. I would also like to thank my colleagues from CRIIS and CESE, in particular those who are in my team and who have the hard work of supporting the technical development. Without everyone’s involvement, sense of responsibility and dedication, it would not be possible to achieve these personal results as well as to ensure the successful implementation of the projects.


Patrícia Vale

«CPES nominates Patrícia Vale for “The Incredibles” section of October, for her exceptional performance in the development of FEEdBACk’s application, in which she participated, from the design stage to the most technical part of operationalisation with the database and the selection of messages to be sent to the users. A considerable part of the work ended up being accumulated in October, although the effort had started much earlier.

At the same time, she worked in an exemplary way on the dissemination of all the project’s activities and on the organisation of the launching event. She did all this while also taking care of the whole image of the AmBIENCe project, its website and social networks.

Coordination of the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES)


– Briefly describe your participation in the mentioned projects: FEEdBACk and AmBIENCe.

In both projects, I’m developing tasks related to the communication and dissemination of the work package. However, since the projects are at different stages, the challenges differ in certain aspects. AmBIENCe, which started in June of 2019, is at a very early stage, so the tasks are related to the development of communication materials such as video, and the launch of the website and social networks. On the other hand, FEEdBACk was “born” almost at the same time that I arrived at INESC TEC and, therefore, it already has two years! We’ve recently launched ECOplay, the application of the project at INESC TEC. In this sense, the most recent communication activities (posters, vouchers, social networks, videos, etc.) focused on inviting all users to the launching event and their engagement. I also contributed to the development of this application, from design to the writing of messages.

– What other projects or fields of work are on INESC TEC’s horizon?

Earlier this month, I embraced a new challenge! I am collaborating with INESC TEC’s Communication Service (SCOM) in the management of the social networks of the institution. However, I remain connected to CPES in the communication and dissemination of the projects described in the previous question.

– How do you comment this nomination?

Since I arrived at INESC TEC, I feel that my effort and work are recognised by those who work with me. I may not always be “at my best”, of course, but when I work hard, I know it will be worth it. Appreciation is important and I know it should not be taken as a destination point. This nomination acts as a “boost” so I can do more and even better. The people who invested “time” (that is so precious in this institute) in my education – Joana Coelho, Joel Soares, André Madureira, António Barbosa, Nilufar Neyestani and so many others – deserve it.

José Nuno Oliveira

 The nomination has to do with his remarkable work in the organisation of the World Congress on Formal Methods, which took place between 7 and 11 October at the Alfândega Porto Congress Centre, an event that included nine conferences and 16 workshops, more than 30 volunteers in the organisation, totalling around 600 participants. The congress was a great success and was definitely the most relevant event of HASLab in 2019.

 Coordination of High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab)


Briefly describe your participation in the organisation of the World Congress on Formal Methods.

I am part of the Formal Methods Europe Association (FME) which, for over 30 years, has been promoting a series of symposiums in this scientific area. Every 10 years, the symposium takes the form of a world congress, as was this case. I have been collaborating in the symposium’s scientific committee on a regular basis, which I co-chaired in the 2001 edition in Berlin, together with Pamela Zave (AT&T). Since then, I have been surveyed several times to organise the symposium in Portugal, but other involvements of the FM group to which I belong (namely the organisation of ETAPS, in Braga, in 2007) postponed this commitment. In March 2017, INESC TEC’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) recommended that HASLab should invest in its international projection, namely through the organisation of scientific events with high visibility. It soon seemed to us that the organisation of the 3rd FM’19 World Congress, to which we had already been surveyed, was a good opportunity to follow this SAB recommendation.


How do you comment this nomination?

The organisation of FM’19 was a collective work of a highly motivated organising committee, with a high sense of responsibility, which was strongly supported by INESC TEC’s structure, without whom nothing would have been possible. I was glad to lead this group, to which I obviously extend this nomination.

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