Carina Neves Fonseca, OutSystems

Name: Carina Neves Fonseca
Name of the Company: OutSystems
Business Area: Information Technology
Position in the Company: Product Designer
INESC TEC Centre with which the company collaborated: HASLab/INESC TEC
Project managers (INESC TEC): José Creissac Campos
Title of the project: Learnability Model


What is your professional background with INESC TEC? OutSystems started to collaborate with INESC TEC in 2016 under the RADicalize project, which is funded by the Portuguese Government. In 2019, as part of the DEV4ALL project, we started working on another topic.

Briefly describe the main projects you have carried out in collaboration with INESC TEC. The goal of this collaboration is to find a usability model and its respective support tools, which allows us to systematically and automatically assess the complexity of the experience in developing applications with the platform low-code OutSystems, namely in the learning phase. This model will be used in the future in order to guide the evolution of the platform with a view to become increasingly easier to learn and to use by different user profiles.

What are the significant outcomes about these projects that you can highlight? Currently, the most direct method that we have for finding out the learnability problems of our product entails a very time-consuming process. With the help of INESC TEC, we are exploring new approaches that will be capable of helping us achieve this goal automatically, thus optimising our entire process, as well as the ability to quickly learn OutSystems.

What is your opinion on your experience working with INESC TEC? Without all the technical expertise and know-how of INESC TEC, it would not be possible, in such a short period of time, to reach a first approximation to a method that will allow us to evolve the platform in a much more effective way.

What is the possibility of future collaborations with INESC TEC? We are planning to continue working with INESC TEC on another project related to low-code collaborative development.


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