INESC P&D Brasil organised a workshop on Digital Transformation Technologies of Brazil-Portugal

On 4 and 5 November, INESC P&D Brasil and the Research Center of Petrobras (CENPES) held, in Rio de Janeiro, a workshop dedicated to the «Digital Transformation Technologies of Brazil-Portugal for Data Science, Robotics and Optimisation» .

At the workshop, the leaders of the Data Science, Robotics and Optimisation groups presented CENPES’s needs in their respective areas, in which two priority projects ended up being defined for each of the three topics covered by the event. The session concluded with the commitment of those involved in continuing the work on the six project proposals that were defined.

The event was attended by 28 researchers from 14 universities that are part of INESC Brasil’s Network, including Mauro Augusto da Rosa, INESC P&D Brasil’s Director of Science and Technology. INESC TEC, as a member of INESC Brasil’s Network, also participated in the workshop, being represented by professors Vladimiro Miranda, President of INESC P&D Brasil, and Eduardo Silva, coordinator of INESCTEC’s Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems.

The workshop was organised by Enio Russo, INESC P&D Brasil’s Oil and Gas Business Area Coordinator, Eduardo Freire, INESC P&D Brasil’s Robotics and Sensors enabler, and Alex Furtado, CENPES’s Reliability and Optimisation coordinator. The Workshop was also attended by other representatives of CENPES, among them Gabriel da Silva Cardoso, Manager of Logistics and Optimisation, and the leaders of the Data Science, Robotics and Optimisation groups, Marcelo Lima, Mauricio Galassi and Bruno Ferreira, respectively.


The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with UP-FEUP and IPP-ISEP.

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