INESC TEC welcomed a European network for the analysis of chemical elements

On January 10, the INESC TEC Centre for Applied Photonics (CAP) organised a meeting of the COST Action CA 18130 – European Network for Chemical Elemental Analysis by Total reflection X-Ray Fluorescence, led by Diana Guimarães, a researcher and co-leader of the Working Group WG4 – Performance Assessment and Data Analysis. The meeting took place at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and brought together close to 16 participants.

Diana Guimarães is also a member of the Management Committee of said COST action and the delegate representing Portugal.  The COST action ( aims to coordinate a collaborative network in the field of elemental analysis by total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (TXRF).

In this sense, it focuses on developing/evaluating new tools, protocols, methodologies and instrumentation through communication and collaboration between the greatest experts in this area. The main goal is to promote TXRF as a reference technique for the analysis of liquid and solid samples for the determination of potentially toxic elements for health, as well as nutrients with beneficial effect on the organism, or other elements that could be used in quality control processes.

The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with INESC TEC.

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