Ahmad Alaassar, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ahmad Alaassar, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (RMIT Europe)

  • Years when you began working at INESC TEC and when you left2022
  • Centre at INESC TEC where you worked: Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE)


What have you been doing professionally since you left INESC TEC?

Same role as above, when I stayed at INESC TEC for a research visit (secondment) within the scope of the OpenInnoTrain project.

How did your experience at INESC TEC contributed to your professional history?

Extended my professional network across academia and industry in Porto and gained global exposure accordingly.

When you think about INESC TEC, what comes to your mind?

Multidisciplinary, basic and applied research, trends-driven.

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