Bruno Marques, Director of Electrical Engineering Course

Bruno Marques, Director of Electrical Engineering Course (Polytechnic Institute of Viseu / School of Technology and Management)

  • Years when you began working at INESC TEC and when you left2007 – 2017
  • Centre at INESC TEC where you worked: Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM)


What have you been doing professionally since you left INESC TEC?

I’m working as Adjunct Professor and I’m responsible for teaching in the field of communication networks in industrial context and embedded systems; I also supervise master’s degree theses and the final projects of first degrees. I’m still part of CTM as an external research collaborator 

How did your experience at INESC TEC contributed to your professional history?

The opportunity to be involved with INESC TEC helped me to conclude my PhD at FEUP and become an integrated professor, namely at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, as Adjunct Professor. 

When you think about INESC TEC, what comes to your mind?

The happiness and enthusiasm of my supervisor, Manuel Ricardo, and my CTM colleagues, which inspired and motivated me to pursue my dreams in terms of research. Also, I will always remember all those who guided me, with their patience, compassion, and wisdom. 

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