Daniel Dantas, Head of Content and Marketing

Daniel Dantas, Head of Content and Marketing (Soccer HUB)

  • Years when you began working at INESC TEC and when you left2019 – 2021
  • Service(s) at INESC TEC where you worked: Communication Service (SCOM) and International Relations Service (SRI)


What have you been doing professionally since you left INESC TEC?

After leaving INESC TEC, I started working at Soccer Hub – a company dedicated to the training of sports professionals – as Head of Content and Marketing, in charge of defining marketing strategies and content management.

How did your experience at INESC TEC contributed to your professional history?

INESC TEC contributed decisively to my professional path, allowing a close contact with heterogeneous fields of application, explored within the Institute’s research centres, by multidisciplinary teams. It was a period characterised by constant challenges that allowed me to develop technical and personal skills crucial to the current and future professional endeavours.

When you think about INESC TEC, what comes to your mind?

Science research, innovation, disruption, multidisciplinarity and multiculturality.

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