Manuela Maria de Oliveira, Lecturer and Researcher

Manuela Maria de Oliveira, Lecturer and Researcher (Lusófona University, Lisbon)

  • Years when you began working at INESC TEC and when you left2010 – 2014
  • Centre at INESC TEC where you worked: CEGI


What have you been doing professionally since you left INESC TEC?

After concluding my connection to INESC TEC, I’ve been working as a researcher, and as a lecturer, namely at the Lusófona University, in Lisbon.

How did your experience at INESC TEC contributed to your professional history?

The work and activities I carried out at INESC TEC were quite positive; I’d like to highlight the great partnership with Ana Camanho, Vera Miguéis and Isabel Horta.

When you think about INESC TEC, what comes to your mind?

Professionalism and excellence in research.

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