Meet Mobileum

Mobileum is a leading Telecommunications company with over 1000 clients. It provides roaming, core network, security, risk management, domestic and international connectivity testing services, among others.

This month we talked to Carlos Martins, Head of Engineering at Mobileum Risk BU.

Name of the company: Mobileum
Business area: Telecommunications
Name: Carlos Martins
Position in the organisation: Head of Engineering
INESC TEC centres with which organisation collaborated: High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab) and Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD)
Project name: AIDA
Project manager at INESC TEC: Ricardo Vilaça


What is the connection between Mobileum and INESC TEC?

This partnership has been improving over several years, with several projects involving Mobileum and INESC TEC. Right from the start, we understood that this would turn out to be an excellent collaboration, with excellent experiences and results. INESC TEC’s research capabilities have been crucial to the success of this relationship, allowing to achieve innovative solutions and address technological challenges with confidence and competence. We are excited about the future and looking forward to work together to achieve new goals and advance the development of cutting-edge solutions.

What are the main results of this collaboration?

This type of collaboration is vital to Mobileum, as it allows us to unite the best of both worlds. We were able to combine the complex markets i.e., telecommunications, with innovation from research entities. Considering Mobileum, having partners who contribute to the viability of several innovative ideas is extremely rewarding. These joint endeavours help us understand the necessary steps to introduce the ideas into the market. Moreover, we believe that Mobileum should share the context of the surrounding market, and the way our products are used, with innovative entities like INESC TEC. Together, we seek excellence in delivering innovative solutions that drive the technological state-of-the-art in the telecommunications sector. We are excited to continue this collaboration and unlock new possibilities for innovation in the future.

How do you rate your experience with INESC TEC?

Our experience with INESC TEC has been quite rewarding, especially in terms of quality. Thanks to this collaboration, we have achieved very positive results in the area of innovation. INESC TEC’s ability to carry out excellent research has been vital to the joint success of our projects. Their dedication and thoroughness shows in the projects’ results, which are always beyond our expectations. We are satisfied with the commitment shown by INESC TEC to provide solutions that boost and improve the type of services we provide to the market. We believe that this partnership has a promising future, and we remain open to growing together, keeping the focus on excellence, value and customer satisfaction.

What do you value the most in this collaboration?

The main contribution of the AIDA project was to address changes in the current threat model for 5G, proposing a 5G Edge federated distributed ML architecture using decentralised data to train ML models, supporting the processing of large volumes of information in real time. The AIDA project represents the industry’s effort with a consortium of academia partners from various fields to provide a solution that allows to address the challenges of 5G fraud and distributed platform components, achieving greater levels of scalability, leveraging the growing edge computing capacity made available by IoT, and the impending large-scale evolution of 5G technology.

What can we expect from Mobileum in the upcoming years?

Great focus on transformation and innovation. The introduction of AI and Quantum Computing technologies, as well as IoT and Edge Computing, will bring a wide range of opportunities and challenges. With the arrival of these revolutionary technologies, it becomes essential to understand and explore how we can transform our various services and products, in order to make the most of all the information generated and used by IoT and 5G devices.

These promising technologies will allow us to meet technological challenges with a more advanced and revolutionary approach. We are confident that, through this journey of innovation, we will continue to create cutting-edge solutions that will advance our company and the industry into an increasingly promising future.

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