INESC TEC officially introduced Social Responsibility

INESC TEC officially introduced Social Responsibility in 2020, with a key objective in mind: incorporating these principles into the institution’s organisational culture.

Between the end of 2018 and early 2019, INESC TEC promoted a diagnosis process concerning Social Responsibility, based on the GRACE methodology (Practical Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility), which aims to support organisations that seek to adopt these principles.

Despite the fact that INESC TEC has been promoting several actions among the internal and external communities for several years, the lack of formal processes represented a primary state of development concerning these questions. In this sense, INESC TEC established a Technical Commission for Social Responsibility in October 2019, in order to advice the members of INESC TEC’s Executive Board, namely regarding the promotion of Social Responsibility actions. The pandemic led to the postponement of said activities, and the official adoption of Social Responsibility took place in the final trimester of 2020.

The activities promoted by the Technical Commission for Social Responsibility address two target-audiences: the institution’s internal community and the external community, namely the organisation’s stakeholders and the local communities part of INESC TEC’s hubs in Porto, Braga and Vila Real. Moreover, the activity plan also includes national campaigns.

As a public utility, INESC TEC will create a BIP section dedicated to these subjects, where people can find general information.

For a fairer society and a better environment, the participation of everyone is crucial. From health and environment to society: we wish to make a difference. In this sense, we wish to engage everybody. Because together, we are stronger.

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