INESC TEC recycled 37 kg of Nespresso capsules

Recently, INESC TEC received the Nespresso Professional certificate for 2020. Even during a year characterised by the constraints of the pandemic, the members of INESC TEC managed to recycle 37 kg of Nespresso coffee capsules at the main building, thus contributing to a global donation of 125 tons of rice to the Food Bank.

Nespresso is a company that guarantees not only that the coffee it sells comes from sustainable sources, but also that all company’s actions have an increasingly smaller impact on the environment. In addition, and for 11 years, the “Recycle is Feeding” project – celebrated between Nespresso and the Food Bank as a way of promoting the circular economy – has already contributed to provide more than 14 million meals to families and institutions in need.

In this sense, and to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer world, INESC TEC committed to recycle all aluminium capsules used at the main building.

The recycling of Nespresso capsules is also possible independently, whether at Nespresso boutiques, specific recycling points or even at home. The company provides all the necessary information about the recycling programme on the website:

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