From mind to market or the path of innovation

INESC TEC Science Bits – Episode 25

Link to episode (in Portuguese)


Ana Simões, Cristina Guimarães e Gustavo Dalmarco, INESC TEC researchers


Keywords: Innovation, digital and green transformation, circularity, sustainability, acceleration, entrepreneurship


Ana Simões, Cristina Guimarães and Gustavo Dalmarco

We went above and beyond, creatively, to talk about ideas that lead to significant improvements when put into practice. Confusing? In this episode of Science Bits, we talk about innovation, namely how it can promote the green and digital transformation of European industry.

We invited Ana Simões, Cristina Guimarães and Gustavo Dalmarco, INESC TEC researchers, to present some initiatives and projects that support the development of new business ideas, technologies and solutions – namely those who will help to reduce industry’s carbon footprint.

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