Portuguese Women in Tech Awards 2020: INESC TEC spin-off among the finalists

ILoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber was considered one of the top five Portuguese start-ups created by women. The Portuguese Women in Tech Awards (PWIT) decided to select the start-up, with INESC TEC as a communication partner. The final voting process is open until July 31.

After the successes throughout the previous year, namely supporting hundreds of women in the technology industry, the PWITs returned in 2020, and did not forgot about iLoF, a spin-off born at INESC TEC, with official headquarters in Oxford, England. In Portugal, the development team works at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), namely on the development of database in the cloud, which digitises and stores biological profiles of patients and disease biomarkers.

Joana Paiva is the founding member of iLoF, which is part of the PWIT 2020 top 5 in the category “Best Start-up in Portugal started by a Woman”, and in the race for the first prize, with online voting  open to the public, until at the end of the month.

The researcher at INESC TEC’s Centre for Biomedical Engineering Research (C-BER) and Centre for Applied Photonics (CAP) believes that “this is an honourable recognition by the Portuguese technology, scientific and corporate society for our work, which was born from the translation of science into technology and the market. Our work focuses on addressing a problem in today’s society: the digitisation of biological profiles to understand chronic and acute diseases, whose biological mechanisms are relatively unknown”.

Since its foundation, iLoF has been tallying awards and merits. Most recently, the spin-off signed a $1M financing agreement with Microsoft’s M12 fund and Mayfield. Furthermore, the spin-off is part of Financial Times and IFC – International Finance Corporation shortlist for the “Transformational Business Awards – on Health, Wellness and Disease Prevention”.

On August 3, iLoF – which is also a U.Porto spin-off – will know the results and find out if they’re among the three finalists of PWIT 2020; in September, the winner will be selected, in a special edition of the Magazine People.

The INESC TEC researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with CIM/FMUP.

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