Luís Pessoa (CTM)

Luís Pessoa (CTM)

“The CTM coordinators would like to nominate the researcher Luís Pessoa for the three recently approved European projects, as well as an exploratory FCT project – including two European projects coordinated by the CTM, in an extremely competitive context. The remarkable number of approved European projects, including two coordination roles, on themes related to 6G, as well as the approval of an exploratory FCT project, demonstrate the significant quality of the work carried out by Luís, and his dedication. His remarkable leadership was crucial to these achievements, namely concerning the elaboration of the project proposals coordinated by the CTM. Luís was also able to combine this effort with the execution of projects, the publication of scientific papers and the promotion of the Optical and Electronic Technologies area at CTM. Outstanding!”

– CTM coordinators

Some of the recently approved projects explore themes associated with 6G. Can you disclose some information about the challenges that the projects aim to address, and the solutions they propose?

The projects in question are CONVERGE, TERRAMETA (European consortia coordinated by CTM in both projects), SUPERIOT (led by the University of Oulu, in Finland) and TORIS (FCT exploratory project led by me).

The project CONVERGE, whose application was led by Prof. Manuel Ricardo and I, aims to develop a set of innovative tools for research infrastructures, taking advantage of the combination of communication and sensing technologies based on radio and vision, thus promoting the creation of a new research field that complies with the paradigm “see-to-communicate and communicate-to-see”. This new area of research stands out from the research traditionally done in each of the individual areas, towards generating new knowledge and advances that cross-cut wireless communications, computer vision, sensing and machine learning, crucial dimensions to the development of 6G.

The TERRAMETA project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of high-speed wireless networks supported by reconfigurable smart surfaces, exploiting frequencies between 100 GHz and 300 GHz, which is fully aligned with the trends identified for 6G. Smart reconfigurable surfaces are expected to revolutionise wireless communications soon, as the communications channels will also become controllable. Imagine this picture: in the future, all the surfaces that surround us in everyday life (from floor to walls and ceilings) will become intelligent, with computing and sensing capacities, thus supporting communications!

The SUPERIOT project aims to develop a truly sustainable Internet of Things (IoT) communications solution by combining light and radio communications in a flexible way, benefiting from printed electronics-based technology. The project seeks to develop the first demonstrator of a fully printed IoT communications node, i.e., without resorting to any conventional electronics!

The TORIS project will also consider printed electronics, while exploring the feasibility of developing reconfigurable smart surfaces using this technology.

You are also responsible for promoting the Optical and Electronic Technologies area at CTM. What are the main activities carried out in this area?

The main activities focus on the development of solutions for the communications, computing and sensing systems of the future, supported by competencies in microwave engineering, fibre optics, integrated photonics, integrated electronics (digital and analogue) and signal processing, with applications in optical and radio communications systems, human sensing, and embedded computing.

Which aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

The chance to participate in the training of young researchers, the multidisciplinary work environment that CTM provides, and the collective spirit that I feel every day, as soon as I step through INESC TEC’s door!

How do you comment on this nomination?

Knowing that the coordinators are aware of to the work carried out by CTM members, and that they seek to reward and emphasise their success whenever justified, makes me quite happy. This time, I was the one being nominated, and I am quite grateful; I’m further motivated to address the challenges associated with the coordination and management of all these projects.

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