Industry Club: INESC TEC part of an alliance to drive digital transformation in Portuguese industry

The Industry Club is here: a pioneering initiative that will boost the digital transformation in the Portuguese industry; several leaders of the sector, from different domains – INESC TEC, NOS, COTEC, Kaizen Institute and Porto Business School (PBS) – joined efforts to develop this endeavour.  

The initiative, which aims to be an open platform for sharing good practices, training, and networking, was launched in May, at an event that brought together more than 200 people at PBS. The Industry Club is open to decision makers and top managers from companies with a presence in Portugal and the members will benefit from exclusive access to news and studies on the industrial sector, events, workshops, technical visits and training programmes in innovation and industrial management (among other advantages). 

Driving Digital Transformation: INESC TEC mission 

At the heart of INESC TEC’s mission is the ambition to put advanced technology at the service of companies. In this sense, and because the Industry Club aims to provide top executives with crucial tools and knowledge to effectively navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the integration of INESC TEC in this alliance is quite natural.  

With extensive experience in the interface between academia and industry, INESC TEC is positioned as a key player in promoting innovation and industrial excellence.  

Meeting the challenges: SMEs and Human Resources 

During the kick-off event, José Carlos Caldeira, Consultant to the Chairperson at INESC TEC, highlighted the vital role of the Institute in defining the future of the industry. “Technological advances are exponential; being prepared to fully explore the opportunities is vital to the development and growth of the sector”, he said. 

José Carlos Caldeira also addressed the pressing challenge of HR in the context of technological disruption, urging companies to proactively address skills gaps and talent shortages. He stressed the crucial role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in promoting innovation and adaptability, advocating for greater cooperation between SMEs to share resources and knowledge. José Caldeira also emphasised the importance of adaptability, innovation, and collaboration to achieve success in the digital age. 

From left to right: Jorge Portugal, general director of Cotec Portugal; José Carlos Pires, senior partner of the Kaizen Institute; João Ricardo Moreira, director of Nos Comunicações; Luís Garrido Marques, member of Porto Business School executive committee; José Carlos Caldeira, consultant to the INESC TEC presidency.

The Industry Club is a commitment of the five entities involved to excellence, and their vision of a technologically empowered Portugal – aiming to foster a collaborative environment where industry leaders can collectively navigate and thrive in the digital age. 

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