INESC TEC participates in European consortium to promote energy transition

INESC TEC’s Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) was selected by the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat (Clean Energy Secretariat) to represent the Atlantic region in the European initiative and promote the energy transition in those islands.

The vast experience and knowledge of CPES, namely on the integration of renewable energy sources in islands’ networks, the development of technical operating requirements for production facilities (grid code), the assurance of security in the energy supply of said networks and the energy storage solutions – associated with the development of several projects in the Azores, Madeira and Cape Verde – were decisive aspects to INESC TEC’s selection as a partner of the consortium.

The CPES will act as the point of contact between the Clean Energy Secretariat and the Portuguese islands, as well as a consultant for the group, providing technical, regulatory, and legal support to initiatives and projects that seek to promote the integration of renewable energy sources in the regions’ power grids.

More specifically, INESC TEC will participate in periodic meetings with relevant stakeholders, workshops, webinars, and meetings of the Advisory Council, working together with several European entities of the energy sector.

Energy Academies, Think Tanks and a Marketplace for financing

Among the initiatives promoted by the Clean Energy Secretariat are several Energy Academies with training actions on energy transition for all agents and local communities. This consortium will also promote Think Tanks and discussion forums on legal, regulatory, and technological barriers to the energy transition in European islands – and CPES will provide technical and scientific knowledge to support all the aforementioned actions.

The Clean Energy Secretariat also sponsors a Marketplace for energy transition projects, promoting communication between investors, funding entities, and project leaders. The Centre participates in this market as both a facilitator for the participation of Portuguese organizations and as a consultant for European projects that require tutoring.

What is the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat?

The Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative brings together several European organizations in a technical and scientific community that works as an information facilitator for energy transition projects in islands.

The European Commission created the Clean Energy Secretariat in 2018, in order to meet the objectives of the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative. It serves as a platform to promote good practices among energy stakeholders in islands while providing specialised training and consultancy services to the community.

Based on the principle that the energy transition should be promoted from the bottom up, the Clean Energy Secretariat seeks to build an environment favorable to change and innovation, encouraging collaboration between citizens, local authorities and businesses, and academic institutions.

The consortium includes seven main entities (3E, Th!nk E, Steinbeis 2i, DNV GL, RdA, and Eclareon), as well as six regional partners connecting the consortium to local communities (Samsø Energy Academy, CRES, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Politecnico di Torino, Island Movement, and INESC TEC).

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