INESC TEC researchers named best reviewers by prestigious IEEE Electrical Engineering Journals

The IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (TSG) published a list of the best reviewers in 2019, which includes the names of two INESC TEC researchers. Mohammad Javadi and Mohamed Lotfi, from Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES), are among the top 70 reviewers, selected from thousands worldwide.

The process of validating international publications is quite familiar among the scientific community. The evaluation by other experts in the field ensures that scientific work is validated in an unbiased and adequate manner, since top-tier journals stand out for their complex and demanding process. Such is the case of IEEE TSG, the top-ranked scientific journal in the IEEE Power and Energy Systems Society (PES), with an impact factor of 10.6. The prestige of said journal is further confirmed by its 6th position in the ranking of IEEE Electrical Engineering magazines.

“Within the PES community, IEEE TSG is known for being one of the most demanding scientific journals in terms of the reviewing process,” says João Catalão, INESC TEC researcher and editor of IEEE TSG since 2013. “Reviewers play a critical role in the success of a journal. Besides providing researchers a great opportunity to keep up with the latest research trends, it is also a great responsibility that requires enormous dedication, skill and attention to detail,” claims the researcher.

Mohammad Javadi and Mohamed Lotfi stood out for these qualities and stressed the vision of INESC TEC as a scientific institution of excellence.

The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC and UP-FEUP.

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