INESC TEC seeks to advance the offshore wind energy ecosystem

INESC TEC has positioned itself as a distinctive partner in offshore wind energy; the collaboration with Gazelle Wind Power, the company that chose Portugal to develop and install an entire local supply chain for offshore wind energy production, is yet another step to excel in this ecosystem. The die is cast for the company’s first floating platform, with tests expected to kick off at Aguçadoura, in Póvoa do Varzim.


As a majority shareholder of Companhia de Energia Oceânica, SA (CEO) – that manages the pilot test site at Aguçadoura, and the leading entity of the consortium Hub Azul de Leixões – Pólo I (HAL) -, INESC TEC brings together all the competences to be a key partner in this pilot project. The Institute contributed to the development of this emerging sector, supporting several national initiatives and European projects in offshore renewable energies.  This collaboration may extend to several areas, e.g., energy, robotics, sensing, or telecommunications.

“In addition to knowledge, since we’re an interface research centre focusing on the development and transfer of technology to the market, we also feature laboratories, infrastructures (TEC4SEA, CEO and HAL, in the future) and geographical conditions to advance this sector”, said Carlos Pinho, Business Development Manager for the Blue Economy at INESC TEC.

Offshore wind energy represents 80% of the wind potential in the world, i.e., “80% of the wind resources that are available and untapped are at sea”. INESC TEC seeks to pave the way in this area, supporting scientific, economic, and social development, as a model of competitiveness.

“We seek to boost this ecosystem, so that offshore wind production and other marine renewable energies and technologies can play a crucial role in the societies of the future, in terms of decarbonisation and electrification”, explained Carlos Pinho, underlining the importance of “positioning the country as a reference in the maritime space”.

Gazelle Wind Power will invest €40M to develop the offshore wind industry in Portugal, benefiting from national programmes to leverage technological development.


The researcher mentioned in this news piece is associated with INESC TEC

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