New BIP section dedicated to broadcast science via podcast

It is called INESC TEC Science Bits, and it gives a voice to science and technology topics and trends through a podcast produced in collaboration with Engenharia Rádio. This new section, published each month, brings together researchers from INESC TEC for a conversation about a pre-defined subject.

More than presenting the latest scientific developments in a given field of knowledge, INESC TEC Science Bits proposes to deepen the knowledge of certain themes, in a more technical and specialised way. The topics presented in each episode can vary, but they all share INESC TEC’s research experience.

In this sense, and besides providing an analysis and debate platform for the academic field, INESC TEC Science Bits aims to contribute to the dissemination of science – and it is safe to say that this podcast is one of the few audio formats of its kind in Portugal.

INESC TEC Science Bits pilot was dedicated to «Business Analytics – Prescriptive Analytics». Bernardo Almada Lobo and Gonçalo Figueira, two researchers from INESC TEC’s Centre for Industrial Engineering and Management (CEGI), were invited to discuss this theme, with promising developments for industrial management and beyond.


PODCAST INESC TEC Science Bits (22:52 — 31.4MB)

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