Robotics for extreme underwater environments “dived” in Lisbon

The largest international event dedicated to diving activities took place in Lisbon, in early October – with INESC TEC participation. INESC TEC researcher Paula Lima participated in one of the discussion panels of the “Diving Talks”, where she had the opportunity to present the work carried out by the institution and the robotic solutions for extreme underwater environments.

Paula Lima joined Luiz Rocha (California Academy of Sciences), who spoke about the deep-sea exploration of coral reefs, and Teresa Amaro (University of Aveiro), who presented the preliminary results of a study on the conservation of marine ecosystems off Santo Antão (Cape Verde).

“I showed a series of robotic solutions that we have been developing at the institution, focusing on extreme underwater environments: deep sea, flooded mines, underwater caves and submerged structures. Underwater robotic systems allow us to reach places where human intervention is extremely difficult or even impossible; this has been the line of research that we have been following, leading to excellent results”, explained the INESC TEC researcher.

Credits: Diving Talks Event

The EVA and UX1-NEO robots also featured in the event’s exhibition, as two major examples of INESC TEC robotic solutions that work in extreme underwater scenarios. Paula Lima and researcher Carlos Almeida were both present at this space, where they had the opportunity to present said technologies.

It is the second time that INESC TEC is invited to join this event, which welcomed a panel of guests from different areas: from researchers and divers to members of the Navy – as was the case of Admiral Gouveia e Melo, who opened the second day of the conference with a talk about “the process of transforming the Navy’s military diving operations “.

The event took place between October 6 and 8, at the Museu da Marinha, in Lisbon.




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