Meet Adapttech

Adapttech is a biomedical innovation company that brings new smart technologies to the O&P market with the goal of empowering clinicians with better socket fitting and monitoring methods to improve the quality of life of people with lower-limb loss.

This month, we talked to Ana Sofia Assis, a Senior Biomedical Engineer at Adapttech, working on image processing, computer vision and gait analysis.



Name of the company: Adapttech
Business area: 
Medical devices for lower limb prosthetic users
Name: Ana Sofia Assis
Position in the company: Biomedical Engineer
INESC TEC centre with which collaborated: Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM)
Project manager at INESC TEC: Hélder Oliveira


What is the connection between Adapttech and INESC TEC?

The connection comes from a close relationship with Hélder over the past years, starting with BioStar (Bio-related Image Processing and Analysis Student group), coordinated by Hélder at the time; this was when Frederico, Adapttech’s founder, started to work on the first prototype of what later became one of the company’s products. Hélder later co-supervised two master theses with Adapttech, before coordinating the aforementioned project. The good work experiences we’ve had with him helped us to choose INESC TEC as a partner on this project.

What are the main results of this collaboration?

A tool that allows to manipulate 3D models of lower limb prosthetic sockets with the potential to be integrated into our existent software solution (INSIGHT App).

How do you rate your experience with INESC TEC?

The experience was very good due to the existing relation with Hélder. It was very easy to work with CTM as they were always very open to suggestions and/or criticism.

What do you value most in this collaboration?

The work was always developed with Adapttech and CTM working together throughout the process, rather than each entity working by itself. Both parties were always very transparent during the process and tried to keep the expectations aligned.

What can we expect from Adapttech in the upcoming years?

Adapttech’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people with physical limitations. We have started by focusing on technologies to address the main needs of the prosthetics market. In the upcoming years, we expect to develop further products and make our technologies available to most of the lower limb amputees population.

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