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SEO Danmark is using INESC TEC’s YAKE! Technology. We interviewed Jesper Nissen, founder of SEO Danmark, to learn how the company is using this technology.



How did you find out about YAKE! technology?

We heard of YAKE through SEO experts on YouTube. Through them, we learned about the possibility to use YAKE to identify keywords from competitor websites, that correlates with high rankings in Google.

We found a website that maintains a list of ranking factors for high rankings in Google called If you visit said site, you will actually be able to see that keywords using the YAKE method correlate very strongly with high rankings in Google.


In your opinion, what are the advantages of YAKE!? How can it help the platform?

We use to identify the top 10 competitors for your search terms. We crawl and scrape the content of the top10 websites and use YAKE! to identify the most important words from a given body of text. We then build out the structured data (schema) for the website based on the YAKE! keywords, and the entities we also discover. We have found the YAKE! method to be the easiest and fastest to identify the keywords that are important to our search terms.


How has been the collaboration between SEO Danmark and INESC TEC? How do you rate your experience with INESC TEC?

I reached out to INESC TEC to ask about the possibilities for our company, SEO Danmark, to use the YAKE! technology. I have received very friendly and helpful replies, so I rate our experience with INESC TEC very positively.


Do you think that available technology as open source can foster collaboration? How so?

I think that open-source technology can foster collaborations between the academia and the business world. Without YAKE!, we would have had to develop our own methods, which would be very slow and expensive; and we probably use YAKE! in ways it was never intended to be used, and we would be happy to share our experiences working with the this technology.


What can we expect from SEO Danmark in the upcoming years?

We will continue to improve and expand on our platform We intend this platform to grow and become the most used platform in the world to create structured data automatically.



Developed by Ricardo Campos (INESC TEC and University of Beira Interior), Vítor Mangaravite (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Arian Pasquali (INESC TEC), Alípio Jorge (INESC TEC and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto), Célia Nunes (University Beira Interior) and Adam Jatowt (University of Innsbruck), the software YAKE! is currently cited or used in more than 1100 articles, with more than 1500 stars on github and used in more than 1000 projects hosted on github, accounting for more than 5000 installations on Android system. In 2018, it was awarded the “Best Short Paper” at the most important European conference on information retrieval, the ECIR.  

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