Apps of YAKE! and Conta-me Histórias are already available on Google Play

The scientific research projects YAKE! and Conta-me Histórias are already available in app format on Google Play.


Based on the scientific paper “A Text Feature Based Automatic Keyword Extraction Method for Single Documents”, winner of the Best Short Paper Award, presented in France at the 40th European Conference on Information Retrieval – ECIR’18, YAKE! proposes an innovative approach on the information field. Developed by by Ricardo Campos, Vitor Mangaravite, Arian Pasquali and Alípio M. Jorge, researchers from INESC TEC’s Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Laboratory (LIAAD) and by Célia Nunes from the University of Beira Interior, and Adam Jatowt from Kyoto University, YAKE! applies a more efficient method of keyword extraction from texts.

The platform ‘Conta-me Histórias’ won the first place of the Prizes 2018, which were delivered during the 2018 Science Summit and was the winner of the Best Demo Presentation at the ECIR’19 – 41st European Conference on Information Retrieval. It’s a web technology that enables users to create a temporal narrative on any subject, through news that are archived in the public research infrastructure

Using this platform, the user has the opportunity to navigate between different periods of time, with properly contextualised information and to try some predefined examples. ‘Conta-me Histórias’ gathers 24 electronic sources of news, including newspapers and national portals, thus ensuring the heterogeneity of the sources of information. The technology was also developed by Ricardo Campos, Vitor Mangaravite, Arian Pasquali, Alípio M. Jorge and Adam Jatwot.

The applications related to the two projects mentioned above were developed by João Campos and Simão Samouco, under the scope of the Final Project class of the Computer Engineering degree held at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT), and can now be downloaded from Google Play: YAKE! and Conta-me Histórias.


The researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC, IPT and UBI.

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