Consolidation, development and internationalisation: the goals of INESC P&D Brasil for 2022

The General Assembly (AG) of INESC P&D Brasil unanimously approved the strategic and budget plan for 2022, as well as the budget concerning activities carried out in 2021. The AG took place online on March 7, led by Vladimiro Miranda, Director-President of INESC P&D Brasil, and with the participation of representatives of all members and the Chairman of INESC TEC’s Board of Directors. The meeting focused on the discussion of the Institute’s goals for this year, with emphasis on the versatility of its activities, centred on regulated and deregulated research and development projects.

In strategic terms, INESC P&D Brasil’s main goals for 2022 consist of consolidation, development, and internationalisation, including the advancement of science management in Brazil through multi-institutional and multidisciplinary cooperation, aimed at technology transfer. The objective is to continue the work developed over the last decade, reinforcing the role of the Institute in areas such as Environment and Health, Computing and Communication, Energy and Production, and Robotics and Sensors.

From a budgetary point of view, and thanks to a hybrid management scheme combining regulated and deregulated projects, the results of INESC P&D Brasil’s activities present a positive balance. “The problem with institutions dedicated exclusively to regulated projects is that they lack revenue to support all structural costs they have. By establishing this hybrid scheme of regulated and deregulated projects, we were able to cover shortage generated by regulated projects with the financial margin of deregulated projects. This shows how INESC P&D Brasil can present a positive financial balance over 10 years of activities”, said Vladimiro Miranda.

Another important topic during the AG was the change and expansion of the Research Areas (from four to 10) and the Business Areas (from four to eight). The remarkable credibility of scientists and universities involved in the Institute’s activities was also highlighted, since in 2021 the desired transition from publications at events to the publication of articles in international journals was confirmed. “74% of the publications resulting from research involving the participation of INESC P&D Brasil were included in relevant international journals, which highlights the maturity and progress of the research work developed”, stated the Institute’s Director-President.

The General Assembly also elected the members of the new board of INESC P&D Brasil for the coming year: Vladimiro Miranda, as Director-President; Roberto Piedade, as Executive Director; Mauro Rosa, who holds the position of Director of Science and Technology, and Emília Tostes, as Director of Institutional Relations.

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