INESC TEC and the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto signed a collaboration protocol

INESC TEC and the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto (FMDUP) signed a collaboration protocol that aims to bring the institutions closer together and foster cooperation in teaching, training, and joint promotion of research projects.  

The partnership will allow the FMDUP master’s and PhD students to carry out internships at INESC TEC – plus other initiatives. The protocol will also pave the way for INESC TEC to “apply its competencies in the areas of image acquisition and processing, cybersecurity, sensing and technology adoption at the service of this collaboration with the FMDUP”, explained Carlos Ferreira, Business Developer at TEC4Health. 

“INESC TEC and the FMDUP share common interests and concerns in the areas related to teaching and research; hence, they decided to move towards a protocol that aims to foster collaboration between both institutions”, he stated. 

In addition to the internships, the collaboration activities include a thematic workshop to identify common lines of research, joint projects, and training actions, while facilitating documentation support among both institutions. 

“In an era of technological evolution, the FMDUP must expose dental students to this reality, thus helping them to acquire cross-cutting skills that will better prepare them for an increasingly competitive job market,”, said Paulo Melo, Director of the FMDUP.  

“By joining INESC TEC and the FMDUP competencies in these areas, as users of many devices and services resorting to advanced technologies, this protocol will facilitate and promote great opportunities for collaboration in terms of education, training and research”, he mentioned.  

The research teams of both institutions have already been publishing papers featuring digital health proposals to address dental medicine issues; besides, there are even INESC TEC researchers who are currently developing solutions for functional electrical stimulation to prevent bruxism, within the scope of their master’s thesis at FMDUP. 

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