INESC TEC participated in European event dedicated to the Blue Economy

INESC TEC participated in the 2022 edition of the “Aquaculture Europe” event, which took place between September 27 and 30, in Rimini (Italy), under the theme “Innovative Solutions in a Changing World”.

The goal was to present the Institute’s developments in the areas of science, innovation, and blue entrepreneurship. In a presentation at an exhibition stand, and in cooperation with the collaborative laboratory B2E (Blue Bioeconomy Colab), INESC TEC presented technological developments and their applications, in a scientific and business context, towards ocean profitability and sustainability.

One of the participants in this event was Carlos Pinho, Business Developer of the TEC4Sea initiative, which aims to support the development and implementation of technologies that allow to observe, explore, and operate at deep sea in a sustainable way, using autonomous systems.

In addition to the exhibition area, the event featured a programme that included plenary sessions, workshops, networking activities and presentation sessions of works and posters. On September 30, Paula Lima, a researcher at the Centre for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (CRAS), presented the work “Intelligent Monitoring System for Indoor Aquaculture Tanks”, which describes an intelligent food distribution system that analyses the biomass of fish in tanks to determine the amount of food necessary. Based on Machine Learning techniques, this system was developed under the Feedfirst project.

Organised annually by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS), Aquaculture Europe aims to explore major issues in the sector, including how aquaculture is addressing challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, food security and environmental pollution, while seeking to provide solutions to develop a sustainable, responsible, productive and climate-neutral sector.

The members of INESC TEC mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC.


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