Member of INESC TEC obtained International Certification in Technology Transfer

Daniel Vasconcelos, head of INESC TEC Technology Licensing Office (SAL), obtained the Registered Technology Transfer Professional designation. It is an international standard that acknowledges the experience, qualifications and competences of professionals dedicated to technology transfer. Daniel Vasconcelos is the third Portuguese to obtain this designation, awarded by ATTP – the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP).

The head of SAL explained that despite being an individual accolade, it shows that the Institute is aware of technology transfer good practices, language, processes and culture, crucial to carry out more solid and faster business processes. “When people communicate using the same language and sharing identical principles, it becomes easier to reach a common ground”, stated Daniel Vasconcelos.

According to Daniel, this certification also contributes to position INESC TEC as a key innovation partner, helping universities, institutes, and companies to be better prepared, by sharing knowledge in this area – towards an economy increasingly based on Intellectual Property. “In addition, INESC TEC will emerge as a community of excellence for the training of new technology transfer professionals, as well as researchers and other professionals with greater sensitivity and awareness of the subject”, a requirement “increasingly sought by companies”, pointed out the Daniel Vasconcelos.

The certification was awarded following an application submitted by Daniel Vasconcelos, validated by a panel of renowned experts. In order to obtain it, it is necessary to comply with a set of criteria, namely having professional experience in technology transfer, attending advanced training (provided by entities recognised by ATTP), and solving a complex problem of technology transfer, demonstrating the application of the competences acquired. Currently, there are 638 RTTP professionals worldwide, and the head of SAL is the third Portuguese on this list.

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