On the innovation radar: there are more than 20 INESC TEC solutions featuring on a European platform

There are 24 innovations made in INESC TEC that are part of the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. This platform aims to gather information and disseminate solutions stemming from research projects funded by the European Union, towards introducing them into the market. INESC TEC was identified by this radar as a “Key Innovator”.

A modular robotic platform for soil maintenance, fertiliser application and plant control for permanent crops; a remotely operated vehicle that can work in offshore inspection, maintenance and repair scenarios, for high-precision 2D/3D measurements; a platform that analyses, in real time, large amounts of data – these are three examples of solutions developed with European funding, which are part of the portfolio of 24 INESC TEC innovations, selected by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar.

The platform, supported by information and data collected by independent experts involved in the analysis of ongoing projects funded under Programmes like Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, LIFE, FP7 or CIP, organises the solutions into different categories according to their market potential.

“INESC TEC is identified by Radar as a Key Innovator, being among the Portuguese entities with the highest number of technologies. Of the 24 innovations, 16 are categorised as being ready, whether for technology, business, or market development. This is an important way to give visibility to innovations funded by the European Union, valuing them and ensuring that they can leave the laboratories and reach the market”, explained Daniel Marques Vasconcelos. According to the manager of INESC TEC Technology Licensing Office, the valorisation of scientific results has been one of the major commitments made by the Institute; this recognition by an independent group of experts shows the potential and social impact of the R&D work carried out by the organisation.

These innovations stem from the European projects RISC2, WipTherm, NOVATERRA, EUniversal , ATLANTIS, FotoInMotion, MANU-SQUARE, SafeCloud, VAMOS, BEACONING, LeanBIGData and CoherentPaaS.

The Innovation Radar is an initiative by the European Commission that aims to identify innovations stemming from research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission, highlighting results with innovation potential. In addition, the platform aims to encourage the development of a dynamic ecosystem of incubators, entrepreneurs, funding agencies and investors who can help bring these innovations to market faster.

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